Become an Affiliate


Thanks for your interest in becoming an Inventors-TV Affiliate.

We provide a variety of different options.



CLICK HERE to inquire about becoming an Affiliate Club.


If you are an Inventors Club or Organization, we offer an Affiliates Page to showcase your group which will include your main video showcase, a brief description of your group and its mission. Contact information to facilitate new member sign-up and up to 4 video presentations by your members to showcase, promote an inform the wider Inventors-TV audience about your organization and its members.


Fees are based on membership as we strive to spread the opportunity to broadcast your club to our audience based on an ability to pay.


If you are interested in learning more and receiving our InvestorsTV Affiliate Invitaton and Application, click here and you’ll be taken to our sign-up form with no obligation.


As more and more groups and clubs become affiliated the family of inventors will open up to help America compete with our greatest resource, our people and our legacy of invention and entrepreneurship.


Your affiliates channel will provide a place for your membership to turn to for regular updates and promote membership as people in your community learn about your organization.


It also opens the door for members who have protected their invention to showcase to the world of investors, partners and promoters to bring your products to market.


We offer an annual membership which includes updating your information and video showcases on a monthly basis.

Click Here for more information or to apply to become an Inventors-TV Affiliate