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This is your resource to go more deeply into the inventive skills necessary


to protect your invention through patenting.

IP101 explains intellectual property from the entrepreneur’s perspective, not some attorney who is trying to impress you with the complexity of the subject.  It is filled with anecdotes and practical examples of how IP gets used, along with sage advice that describes when to get protection – and when not to.


The course instructor is Russ Krajec, Executive Director of IP.Education and the Ethical Collaboration Association.  Russ is a practicing patent attorney and CEO of BlueIron IP, a patent financing company.  Russ is the author of “Investing In Patents, Everything A Startup Investor Needs to Know.”


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This course uses the Invention Rating Checklist to help you figure out if your invention is worth patenting.The Invention Rating Checklist captures many hard-fought lessons into a single page, and give you the confidence to pursue a patent – or not.The Invention Rating Checklist is used by Fortune 500 companies, but also by startup CEOs, angel and venture capital investors, and solo inventors.It gives you a rational and defined set of criteria for evaluating inventions.These criteria are great for grading and ranking inventions, but also for brainstorming and improving your invention.

The Invention Rating Checklist is free for download here, and is also explained in detail in the book “Investing In Patents” which is available here.


FEE: $250



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